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All welcome for a sociable chat over tea or coffee in the Church Hall.

Our Church runs a Fairtrade Café for the community located in the Cheyne Lounge. We believe in paying a fair price for products with all the money going to the people who deserve it.

Fairtrade helps the farmers in developing countries by assuring them of a fair price for their crop which in turn improves the welfare of their community.

Their products can be recognised by the Fairtrade mark. Our church is a fairtrade church in that we always serve Fairtrade coffee, tea and sugar at all our meetings and encourage all those who use our premises to do the same.

The Fairtrade cafe aims to provide a warm and welcoming place where people can relax over a cup of coffee, buy something from the Fairtrade stall or choose something to eat from the lunch menu.

Whlist the Fairtrade cafe is running in the hall the chapel is open too for quiet personal prayer. Overall the morning provides a good balance of prayer and fellowship and is a very enjoyable occasion. A warm invitation is given to all.